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This product has a minimum quantity of 2

High decibel. All-metal case

Suitable for the elderly, children, students, girls use.

It can also be used for emergency natural disaster assistance.

It comes with two CR2025 button batteries and full color super bright LED lights.

There are three alarm sounds and five flashing modes to choose.


Leaf alarm product specification:


Note:This product is not a toy for children, the voice is sharp. Please do not use the product near the ear to avoid damage to hearing.


Top switch function:

When the top switch is pressed, the LED light displays different colors. The product chip is designed with memory function. When you press the switch and press it again within 3 seconds, the LED light will changes color. If you press the button after the light has been off for three seconds, the LED will display the same color as the last time. The memory will restore factory settings when the battery is replaced or the power is used up.


LED lights have the following display functions:


01.The red light is always on.

02.The green light is always on.

03.The blue light is always on.

04.Seven color lights fixed long bright.

05.Seven color lights flashing exchange.


When you release the top switch, the LED lights will turn off.


Side switch function:

When you long press the side switch for 3 seconds, the No.1 alarm sound will work, the LED light will flash red light at the speed of 0.2 seconds. When you release the switch, the alarm will continue to work. When you press the top switch, switch to alarm number two and the red light flashes. Press again, switch to alarm number three, red light flashing. And so on.


When you want to turn off the alarm sound, you need to press the top switch and the side switch for 3 seconds at the same time. Just press one of the switches, the sound will not stop.


Note: Long pressing it for 3 seconds is a safety design to prevent the accidental touch from triggering the alarm to scream.



Product parameters:

This is a patent product of leaf shape creative design. Made of all-metal materials. Ultra-thin buckle design, with a super bright full color LED lamp, the battery can be replaced. Because the battery is in series, you need to use the bushing to handle the insulation when connecting to the battery buckle. An insulating sleeve is provided for you to use when replacing the battery. The product is elegant and fashionable in appearance, compact and light in weight, which can be carried with you and easy to use. The production process technology is complex, the cost is high, and the size design has reached the limit. The thinnest position is only 6MM.


Product purpose description:

Multiple safeguard, multiple security

It can be used as a keychain accessory, tied to a phone or backpack, or hung around the neck with a sling. In an emergency, it can emit a scream of more than 92 decibels by long pressing the side switch. If you want to turn off it, press the top switch and the side switch for 3 seconds at the same time. The product has a variety of colors, suitable for different users. It is easy to carry, like a personal bodyguard to keep your security.

Careful care, meticulous!

Suitable for girls walking alone at night, night workers, night runners, students and the elderly who need care. When you are on a business trip or traveling, if you see a suspicious person following you, you can press the switch to sound an alarm for help. It can be used continuously for more than 60 minutes at a time. It can be used daily for a long time. If the sound lasts an average of three minutes at a time, it can be used more than 100 times.

When you away from home, carry it with you to use!

Also suitable for the elderly, children, and those who are not easy to move around. When they needed help, they could press the switch for just three seconds and the alarm would work. When a family member comes over after hearing the sound, press the two switches at the same time for more than three seconds, and the alarm’s screaming will be turned off.

Travel alone, don’t forget to defend yourself!

For the elderly with acute diseases (such as coronary heart disease), especially if their family members cannot take full care of them, please carry it. The guardian should inform the elderly how to use the product so that they can get help in time in case of emergency. Old people and children are often weak. Becaus the sound of shouting is small, it is difficult to quickly attract the attention of the family. In the case of disease attack, the mouth can not speak, press the alarm will save their live in time.

Care for the old, do your best!

When girls face violence, the elderly need help, children need protection, when you go out meet a criminal, and you’re robbed, stolen or lost property, you need help. When natural disasters come, when you are outdoors for work or activities, wearing this product will help you quickly out of danger in an emergency. The conditions under which it needs to be used vary from person to person, it is widely used by people. The product uses a button battery, it runs at a high decibel level when it’s working. When it not working, the battery loses little. It’s small in size, easy to carry. We can also sent out a distress signal when we encounter a natural disaster. The battery of this product can be replaced,and last for a long time.

Care for children, keep happiness!

1. Teach your child not to play with fire and electricity. Let them know that this kind of behavior is very dangerous.

2. Teach child not to climb on the balcony of the building, they can easily fall off it.

3. Let your child know that the kitchen is an unsafe place for them. Stoves, hot pans, kettles, knives and forks are dangerous.

4. Teach your child not to play or chase on the side of the road, and consciously help them learn as much about transportation as possible.

5. Tell your child not to go out alone for activities such as going to the public restroom, taking the bus or going to the movies.

6. Don’t let your child tell strangers their home address and phone number.

7. Tell your child to shout for help and run away if a stranger tried to take him away by force.

8. Don’t go to lonely, empty houses and remote places.


If you need to replace the battery, please seek professional assistance.


Matters needing attention:

- Please read the operation manual carefully before using. Do not use metal conductor to short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

- When you install the equipment, do not install the positive and negative electrodes of the battery in reverse.

- Do not use different models or brands of batteries together.

- Remove the battery from the device as soon as it dies.

- Do not charge or heat the battery.


Battery replacement steps:

1. Take out the battery without electricity and prepare the new battery.

2. Put the insulated heat-shrinkable bushing which inside the packaging box on the battery, and pay attention to fit the upper and lower batteries together.

3. Heat the heat-shrinkable bushing with special tools to tightly cover the battery.

Put into the battery buckle before confirmation.

Notice the positive and negative poles.


After-sales service:

If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact us.

If you have any questions during the use of the product, please contact us.

When you have any suggestions for the product, please also contact us.

We will listen to your suggestions and offer solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

Size and material display:

Housing available in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, silver, gold, rose gold, red, purple,pink.

Stainless steel—A key ring

Stainless steel—A key ring chain

Stainless steel—Spring coil

Stainless steel—Circle

Alloy—The LED switch

Alloy—Buzzer chamber


RGB LED lights

Copper—Sound control switch


Size: 72*40*16mm

Material: alloy + stainless steel + copper

Battery: Cr2025*2

Key ring: diameter 25mm

Package: PP box + EVA.            Model: MP-A01

The net weight: 60g

Decibel: 92dB+

Test standard: After continuous use for 1 hours, test the sound above 92dB ,the initial sound test is higher that 120dB, and close to 130 dB.


Please do not use the product close to your ears to avoid damage to hearing.

Please find a professional to replace the battery.

Alarm Sound
3 alarm sound
Battery Life
Battery Type
LED Color
Stainless Steel
Color Box
Free Shipping
Surface Treatment
Spray Paint
92dB Distance 1m

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