About Us

About us

SHENZHEN MYPRINCESS TEHCNOLOGY CO.,LTD is China's independent private full-service SME. We attach great importance to the importance of patented technologies and mathematics in the manufacturing industry. We also know that patent intellectual property rights are our future, and we also know that there are some problems in the protection of intellectual property rights, and many people may have been infringed by patents. It is impossible to understand why our company wants to create such a platform. We hope to realize the value of technology patents through the deployment of technological solutions, through technology to awaken those patented technologies that have been asleep for many years because of lack of money, and to assist them through a rigorous and standard system. Patent person rights protection.


As a member of an entrepreneur, the deepest feeling is not the lack of funds but the lack of understanding. Their lack of understanding, distrust, and lack of support have created a huge obstacle for you. As an inventor, the deepest feeling is not you. Your ideas, your ideas, your dreams, but your actions. Some people are doomed to be lonely for life. Because the perspective of the problem is different, so do not understand, but it does not matter, because the creation of this platform is In order to solve these problems, because I am also a victim of patents, to completely solve the current problems is to rebuild the rules of business transactions, evoke the user's understanding of intellectual property, and evoke those who have been hurt to return to the creative position. Also let those people pay the price. This is the most basic mission of this platform.


Looking at the current domestic B2B2C platform, heavy transaction volume, heavy financial payment, and not paying attention to whether the source of the product is legal, many illegal products enter the market with the inventor's blood through packaging, and the real inventor falls due to financial problems. This is the current status quo. There is no platform that stands out and really defends the rights of inventors. There is currently no one in China. Because of loopholes in the law, the platform can easily shirk its responsibility. This causes more and more people to They are willing to invent new technologies and are reluctant to apply for patents because patented technologies are open, and rights protection is very difficult and costly. Many people also fall asleep because of the lack of money that makes valuable patented technologies unapplied. These losses are very huge.


As a victim, we are fully aware of this pain. So I intend to recreate a business rule. A trading rule that applies to pure patents and pure intellectual property rights. Without this rule, it will always be looked down upon by others. We are not willing to do it alone. The horned beast is also not qualified to do it, but we will endeavor to create such a commercial trading environment. Purify the current market environment. Because here, there is no patent, it is difficult to move. Here will become a pure patented person's home. A dreamer's place. A world that suits the patentee's life.

If you have a patented product or patented technology that requires sales or help, please contact us.

We also hope that those who can understand our point of view, please join us.

For example, you are an excellent mathematics expert.

For example, you are a good algorithm engineer.

For example, you are a good architect.

For example, you are a good programmer.

For example, you are a good intellectual property lawyer.

For example, you are a good manager.

For example, you are a good visual expert.

For example you are an excellent master of mixed virtual technology.

We like people who have inventions to join us.